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Producing Music on a PC with Pro Tools

If you have a PC and you're new to music production, or just want to get started using Pro Tools - there are really only a few things you need to get up and running.

1. A computer that has the minimum requirements for the software you'll be using:

2. Avid Pro Tools software, which goes by either a monthly license of $24.92 per month, or $599 for a perpetual license. If you're a music educator, the cost is $9.99 per month, or $299 for a perpetual license. They even have a free trial:

3. A supported audio interface (I use the Presonus Audiobox iTwo):

4. A set of speakers or headphones.

5. MIDI Piano keyboard (optional).

That's honestly about it! For over 5 years I've been using a basic set up with an HP computer, Windows 7, 64-bit OS and 32 GB of RAM. This simple setup (pictured below) allows me to do all the recording I need.

One more thing to remember: RAM is KING. The more you have, the better. Last I checked, Avid recommends at least 16 GB of RAM in your PC to run your Pro Tools software. However, If you can afford it (and RAM is getting cheaper these days), you should get at least 32 GB - even 64 GB if your computer will hold it. The more RAM you have, the more plugins you can use, your computer will run faster with no lagging and the overall performance will be optimized.

Hope this helps the new users out there!

Adam Snyder's PC music studio pic #1


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